Why Is My Water Pressure Low?

Why Is My Water Pressure Low?

The last thing you want in your home is low water pressure. We’ve all been there. Turning on the faucet in the morning and nothing but a trickle coming out can be a frustrating experience. Here at The Plumbing Specialists, we’ve seen a number of reasons for low water pressure and would like to demystify the causes.


Some of the causes of low water pressure can be fixed by yourself, such as a clogged drain, whereas other problems will need to be tackled by a certified plumber. Here are a few causes of low water pressure:

1.  A Problem With Your Water Company

At the end of the day, every house has a company that controls the water that enters the home. There is a water valve out in the street of a neighborhood that controls the water flow to a number of houses. When you notice water pressure being lower than normal, shoot a message to one of your neighbors and see if they are experiencing the same problem.


If they are having the same issues, it’s likely that the water valve in the street is slightly closed and causing the lower water pressure. Making a call to your water company can fix this problem.

2.  Your Main Shutoff Valve is Closed

There is a second water valve that controls the water flow to a home. Unlike the first, this main valve is within your own house and accessible by the homeowner. Sometimes, this valve may have slightly closed and needs to be reopened. Check the valve, which is typically outside or near your water heater, and see if it needs to be twisted.

3.  Corroded Pipes

Potentially the worst reason for having lower water pressure is corroded steel pipes. These can be costly to fix. Depending on the material your pipes are made of, the corrosion time could be between 20-70 years.


If you have an older home, this would certainly be a more likely problem. Due to the length of time corrosion takes, you may have noticed your water pressure slowly getting worse over time, rather than in one single moment.

4.  Clogged Pipes

Clogged pipes are one of the biggest causes of low water pressure. Whether it is due to hair or some other reason, clearing your pipes out may be a quick solution to low water pressure. Start by trying a traditional drain cleaner from a hardware store and, if it does not work, reach out to a plumbing company.

5.  You Have a Shared Pipeline

Some neighborhoods have a shared pipeline between homes. As frustrating as it can be, your neighbor taking an extra long shower may result in you having lower water pressure. Look into the details of your home and see if this is the cause.

Low water pressure can be an annoying experience that can have a multitude of causes. Plumbing services can typically solve most causes of low water pressure in a timely manner, so reach out to one of our plumber Moreno Valley locations to solve this issue in your own home.

The combined skills and knowledge we have here at The Plumbing Specialists are guaranteed to be able to help solve your specific problem. Don’t be afraid to give us a call to see how we can help today.