Is a Smog Check Needed after an Oil Change?

Is a Smog Check Needed after an Oil Change?

For those unfamiliar, a smog check is an extremely important part of making sure your vehicle is ready to drive on the open road. Many people ask questions such as, “Do I need a smog check?”, and the answer is a resounding yes.


Your average smog inspection should be done by a licensed professional only. Many people often wonder as to smog check frequency and what is required, but the number varies from state to state. As a general rule of thumb, though, expect to need a smog check roughly every two years.

What is the Purpose of a Smog Check?

A smog check serves one simple purpose: ensuring your vehicle is up-to-date with state standards. Protecting the environment from harmful air pollution is a serious agenda for countries all around the world, which is a large reason many states and other countries have emission standards.


Receiving a smog check tells the DMV that your vehicle is up to state standards and is legally able to be registered and driven on the road.

What Does a Smog Check Look For?

Overall, a smog check looks for three main things: emission levels, visible equipment damage, and whether or not emissions equipment works.


To measure emission levels, information from the vehicle’s onboard computer is downloaded. A simple visual inspection can complete the second part of the smog inspection, and a technician will examine equipment under the hood during the third part.


In order to pass a functional inspection, your vehicle will need to be able to pass rigorous tests. A technician may test the catalytic converter of your vehicle, which converts harmful gases into harmless substances, such as carbon dioxide or water, that can be released through the tailpipe.


Considerin the frequency of a smog check, though, many people have often wondered one simple question:

Is a Check Required After an Oil Change?

Many people often wonder if an oil change and smog check are related. This leads to inquiries as to whether or not a smog check after an oil change is necessary.


In general, these two checks are unassociated. Getting an oil change can help you pass a smog check by ensuring your engine is running smoothly, but it is not necessary to get a smog check right after an oil change.


While it isn’t required, getting an oil change directly before a smog check is actually a smart idea. WIth that said, don’t feel pressured to rush to a smog check shop right after a standard oil change, unless you failed a smog check in the past for a reason related to old oil.

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