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how to find windows activation code

Most people have a desktop computer or Laptop. And have installed Windows as operating system. So, it’s obvious that the windows activation key, will be located on your CD copy of the Windows, that you have bought, or was sent to your email before you download the copy directly to your local machine.

In case whether you have bought old laptop, with windows system already installed. From eBay or Another source, without windows activation key. It will be more complicated to find your activation key. It will not be visible on the computer, but it will be encrypted inside your system, because you will not need activation key in the regular case.

Supposing that you want to re-download the operating system from the beginning. I think Recovery section of the System will handle this task, because it hold the original operating system settings. And will restore your operation system to factory condition. And will automatically activate your system. In this situation you don’t have any need to know your windows product key.

How to find windows activation key

But, in case that your Recovery system had failed to launch for many reasons. You may not be able to recover your operating system. You will have only one solution. By downloading the same copy of your old operation system from Microsoft. But you must have the current activation key, If you lose it product key finder will be your best choice.

Download free product key finder

After downloading all windows driver. We need know to find the hidden product key. It seems complicated, but it’s very simple you need two things:

1) Download ProduKey tools

Produkey is the best free product key finder. You can use it to find windows product key, or Microsoft office key also. It’s very simple to use, after you download it, you just need to launch it. And it will find installed product on your computer. And give you the activation key next with the product name.

how to find windows activation key

      2) Save your product key in a paper


After you launch Produkey tools. And finding your Operation System activation key. You need to write your activation key on external paper. And save it in safe place. You don’t want to lose your windows product key, after this hard work. Now  you have successfully saved your old operating system key, and saved your money, ithis work with you tell us about it.

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