How To Create Tumblr Blog For Beginner

Tumblr is an attractive blogging platform created in 2007. and it’s extremely popular among Internet users With a interesting feature like the ability to post and share video, GIF picture and audio file. On this Tumblr tutorial, we gonna see How to create a tumblr blog.

How To Start a tumblr Blog

First thing we need to do is to create free Tumblr account, To do that visit Tumblr Home Page Here, It’s so simple, you just need to have an email address to create your account.


Add your address email with strong password, then you must to choose a unique username, Tumblr will suggest for you some unique username, or write your own desired username. After that sing up in Tumblr and agree with Tumblr use condition.

Now you have completed your account creation. You should know that tumblr will add your username on your default blog example: “username”


On your Tumblr dashboard You can start posting any type of post you want on Tumblr, it look complicated at first time, but after some time it will be more simple.

How to use tumblr and Customize Tumblr Blog

On Tumblr you have the possibility to create a personal blog for free, with full html customization you will have full control on your blog appearance. And before we create Tumblr blog, you should know that you have default blog in your account with your username. that’s mean we gonna create second blog to your account.

To create your blog, go your account menu and click on Blogs New.


On first step, you have to add title for your tumblr blog. Then, you need to add a unique name to the Tumblr blog URL, it’s similar to the username. you can change your blog URL at any time you want.

If you want to make your blog private, you create a password to your blog, only people who have this password will be allowed to access your blog. When you click on create blog, your blog will immediately created.

How to customize tumbr theme

To customize your Tumblr theme, go to your blog dashboard and You will notice Website Theme click on Edit theme


After you clicked on Edit theme you will land on customization page, where you can make some change to your blog appearance. You will see menu on the left layout of the page. you will have several customization option to edit your blog theme, lets start to add description to your blog.


You can also change your blog Title if you want at any time. You have option to change your blog theme. Click on Browse Themes.


You will have many choice to choose theme for your Tumblr blog, it depends on theme category. There are free themes, premium themes, single column and grid column. You just need to choose theme that fits your need.


If have experience on html, then you can edit your theme html by clicking on Edit Html under your theme Title. You can add pages, control number of posts displayed on single page. You can also create menu for blog and add some custom CSS code to your theme. There are many option here. I hope you get idea about how to use tumblr to create your blog, if you have any question ask us !.

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