How To Find WiFi Password Using cmd

Most of the time we connect to different WiFi or wireless network in the other definition. We connect to WiFi at the school or in public places, and sometimes we have to use password to gain access to a certain WiFi. Personally, I forgot a lot of thing, especially WiFi password because it’s hard to remember if the password is to complicated, so how you will remember more than one password ? this seems to be hard to think off. You could write your passwords in your phones or note but it will be easy to hack or deleted by mistake and you’ll have hard time to Retrieve WiFi Password.

Don’t be confused here, because i’ll bring for you a fast method to Retrieve WiFi Password of wireless network used by your Pc without any need for malicious software. Follow this steps :

How to Retrieve WiFi Password

Recover WiFi Password using Command Prompt

In the first method we’ll use Windows Prompt command to recover our WiFi password. Start by opening the command prompt. In short, open the Run command by pressing Windows Key + R, type cmd and press Enter.

Retrieve WiFi Password

We need to target WiFi Profile to recover the password, In the command prompt, to display WiFi profiles type the following command:

Retrieve WiFi Password

The names of all the WiFi networks you’re already connected are displayed. Among the networks of the above example, I want to display the password of the Wi-Fi “buro24“. To do this, I type the following command :

these command works only in windows platform, If you have a MAC OS X system open the Terminal window. At the command line and try the following command :

Replace buro24 by the name of your WiFi target.


Despite reading the article > if You still have questions running through your head? ask us and we might help you.

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  1. Abbey says:

    This was really helpful. I have been looking for a way to reveal a long tyoed and forgoteeen password.
    You have really made my day.

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