How to View saved passwords in Chrome and Mozilla

Most of us tend to save their passwords in the web browser, So if you have multiple passwords and you don’t have a good memory, then probably you may forgot saved passwords for some particular profile. you will have to make  passwords recover which require email verification, so that’s could be frustrating sometimes. On this tutorial we will see how to retrieve stored passwords from browser

How to view saved passwords in Firefox

To retrieve stored passwords in Mozilla  browser; open Firefox and go to the top right menu and click on  “Options”

saved passwords


In the window that opens, click the “Security” tab in the right menu  and then click “Saved Passwords” below.

In the window that opens, click the Show Passwords button and you will see a list of sites with usernames.

view saved passwords

To make your passwords appear. Click “Show password”, you will get passwords for every username that was saved on your browser. You can remove saved session by clicking on remove or remove all.

How To view saved Passwords in Chrome

To retrieve saved passwords from Chrome, Type the following address in your address bare : chrome://settings/passwords

retrieve saved passwords


Passwords will appear as small dots. To make them appear. Click the one you want. After this, a button “show” appears on the right of small points. Click Show and the passwords will appears.

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