How to Block And Mute Users On Twitter

Twitter has a new function to mute users on twitter, in other meaning, it’s like to block other users tweets from showing in your news feed. You have full freedom to follow anyone, but you have the right to mute any user on twitter for many reasons, maybe someone of your contact pollutes your news feed with spam twitter or you just don’t like what their tweets for some reasons. We will see in this small tutorial how to mute users on twitter.

How to mute users on twitter

There are two methods to make mute on twitter, you can mute account  from your feed news, or by visiting the target account, and mute theme from their profile page. We will see how to do it with this methods.

Method 1:

to mute an account from your news feed, you simply select tweet of the target account, then, click on the more button at the bottom right of a tweet.


Click on mute to mute the target account.


Method 2 :

On the second method, you need to select the target account which you want to mute their tweets, then click on their account to visit their profile page, Click on more user action button next to Following button.


Then click on mute, like the first method, and you will mute the target account. I hope you find this tutorial useful for you, thanks for reading.

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