How to Install Kali Linux Rolling In Vmware Windows

Kali Linux is  an operating systems based on Debian Linux designed for advanced Penetration Testing and Security Auditing. Kali contains several hundred tools aimed at various information security tasks, such as Penetration Testing, Forensics and Reverse Engineering. There are several method to run Kali Linux, in this tutorial we’ll see step by step how to install Kali Linux rolling in Windows using VMWare.

How to install Kali Linux Rolling in Vmware

What’s Vmware

Vmware is software that uses visualization, a technique that allows the creation of one or more virtual machines within a single operating system (usually Windows or Linux). It is possible to run multiple virtual machines simultaneously, the limit corresponding to the host computer’s performance.

Install Kali Linux Rolling In Vmware :

Before installing Kali Linux you need first to download and install Vmware player, it’s free but you still need to register to generate an activation key that will be asked during installation. after  that go a head and download Kali Linux rolling which’s the latest version of kali.

Create Kali Linux Rolling Virtual machine in Vmware

Once you downloaded Vmware, Open VMware and click on Create New Virtual Machine.

Install Kali Linux Rolling

next step, Select Install disc image file (ISO), then select  Kali Linux ISO file you downloaded. Click “Next”.


after that, Vmware will ask your to add name for your virtual machine and choose the installation folder, you can leave default setting there. when you finished keep clicking Next.

For the storage space, select the maximum size of the storage space you want to use to kali linux. I recommend using at least 15 GB. After changing the following option to “Store virtual disk as a single file” and click Next.


In the next window, you can customize configuration of the virtual hardware that you will use in Kali Linux. So click on the “Customize the Hardware” for customize.



When you complete the previous steps click on finish, now your virtual machine is created and configured and is added to the VMware library. to install Kali Linux you have to start your virtual machine! Just click on the name of the newly created virtual machine, and then click on Power this virtual machine.

Install Kali Linux Rolling in VMware

After starting your virtual machine, you have two options: either start kali linux system live, either install it on the hard disk of the virtual machine. if you want to keep your data and save your update then you need to install it on your hard disk. by clicking on Graphical Install.

Install Kali Linux Rolling

Next choose the preferred language for kali linux system.


Next Select your Location.


after this window, you can choose the language of your keyboard. Click Next, and wait a few seconds. Kali will ask you to configure your network setting, you can skip this by clicking on “Do not configure the network at this time”.
kali4enter a hostname for your system.


Kali Linux will ask you to enter a password for the root user. Make sure that you can easily remember this password if you forget it. Click continue after you entered and re-entered the password of your choice.


In Disk Partition, you can select your preference choice, in my case i selected the option “Guided – use entire disk”. Click continue. Another window will ask you to confirm. Click continue.


Choose the destination drive to install Kali.


Then select the first option “All in one partition”. Click continue. Another window will ask you to confirm. Click again to continue.


Confirm your partitioning scheme and continue the installation.


Confirm all your changes to pursuit the installation, you can’t go back if you confirmed this step.



The installation of Kali Linux will now begin. On average, the installation takes 15 min.


After a few minutes, the installer will ask if you want to install the GRUB boot loader. Click Yes and continue.


Finally, in the next window select dev / sda option and click continue to complete the installation. After kali linux restart, enter login (root) and your password.

Install Kali Linux Rolling


That’s it now you are ready to become the new white hat hacker, just keep away from black hacker always seek for good things. If you face a problem just comment we might help you.

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