Transfer Bookmarks between Mozilla and Chrome

Chrome and Mozilla are two most famous browsers among web users, Sometimes when we think to switch from one browser to another, we will become worried about ours Bookmarks, or favorites pages. So, to keep your bookmarks safe when you switch between browsers. You have to import your settings from Chrome to Mozilla, or from Mozilla to chrome. On this tutorial we will see how to import Bookmarks between Mozilla and Chrome.

 How to Import Bookmarks between Mozilla and Chrome

How to Import Chrome bookmarks From Mozilla Firefox

To begin, open Firefox and press Ctrl + Shift + B  keys to bring up Mozilla Bookmarks settings. Click on Import and Backup on the top menu, and select “Import Data from Another Browser”.

 import Bookmarks between Mozilla and Chrome


A new popup will appear. Choose the Chrome browser or any browser you want to recover his bookmarks. and click on Next.

Import Bookmarks between Mozilla and Chrome
After that, Select which item you want to import from chrome or any other browser. And then click on Next, Mozilla will import your Bookmarks from Chrome.

How to Import Mozilla Bookmarks From Google Chrome

To import Mozilla Bookmarks to Chrome, you need to go to Chrome Settings page and go for import Bookmarks and settings.


Then, like we did before, you need to select items that you want to import from Mozilla to Chrome browser or any other browser.



If you want to import only your Bookmarks or favorites pages you can unchecked other items, unless you want to import your history and saved passwords. This methods work with other browser like Opera and Safari, but we only focused on import bookmarks between Mozilla and Chrome, which are the most used ones.


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