How to Create Google WebSite for Free

Create google website

Google Sites is a new free service from Google which completes the range of services already available. like Gmail, Google plus and Google Docs etc. It allows you in very simply and in a few clicks to create your own website. And the best thing, Google not only helps you to create your site but give you a free hosting for your site On simple steps. We will see how to create Google website.

How to Create Google Website With Google Site

Visit : log in with your google account, or create new account. After you connect to the Google Account service. On Google Sites page click Create to create your first Google website.


google sites


In Site template, select template for your Google Site, there are many different type to choose like blank template and classroom template etc. Type the name of your site and Google automatically generates the URL of your site correspond to the site name and you can change it if you want.

Then make a description of your site. This is optional, of course, but it is strongly recommended to take the time to write one, it will be particularly used by the Google search engine to rank your site and allow users to access the Search function. after you complete all steps, select theme for your site then Click on create to create Google Site.


google sites


Your site is now created. It only remains to give it content. Initially, your site will have only blank page so you have to write content and make some pages on your site by clicking on Create Page on the top right icons.


Google Sites is good place to start small blog for your project or your school class. I hope you find this simple tutorial easy for you. If you have any trouble to create Google site, you can share your problem on comments.


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