How to Create Facebook Backup for your account

We should sometimes make a Facebook backup for all the photos, and videos that we have posted on Facebook for several years, because, Facebook has become a big thing on our life. And For some years we published many pictures and videos, which keep unforgettable moment lives with us when we connect on Facebook social network. So many memories that you don’t want to lost it forever. if your Facebook profile got hacked and you can’t recover your account, you will lose your picture and video memories forever. We will show you the right way to make Facebook backup to your account files.

How to make a Facebook Backup

To make a Facebook backup for your account, you need first to log in Facebook, after you logged in. Click on Privacy Shortcuts button at the top right of the page. Then click on See more settings

facebook backup

Make a copy of all data

There in the left column. click the “General” tab. You will find At the bottom of the main page link entitled “Download a copy of your data on Facebook”. Click it to launch the operation.

facebook backup

Start downloading all your data

When you click on Download,  you’ll save your photos and videos, as well as conversations and posts. Click on Save my Archives, and enter your password. There, Facebook will prepare the archive. When it’s ready, you will receive an email at the address you provided. It only remains to click then on this link, confirm your password and the download will start. It may take some time if you have been particularly active on Facebook

facebook backup


Once the download is complete, you end up with a zip file with your profile name. Open it and you will discover many sub folders, including two particularly interesting: photos and videos. You have now recovered all of the media elements you have posted in Facebook. Congratulations!.

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