Download YouTube And Facebook Videos In No Time

YouTube followed by Facebook are considers ones of the most popular site for watching and streaming videos, While browsing on these sites, we might find many videos that we like and probably we may want to download it, Although, there is many ways to download these videos such as downloading specialized programs for downloading videos, which might cost you some pennies, or keep searching for sites to help you to download videos which can take some of your time. On this post we will share a way to download YouTube and Facebook videos, without the need for any programs or sites help, as all you will need in this lesson is the video link to upload nothing.

Download YouTube And Facebook Videos Without Programs Or Sites

The way we’re going to share to download Facebook videos or YouTube videos is a very simple way. First of all, you need to get the link of the video, in YouTube it’s obviously shown to you, you only need to copy it, and when it comes to Facebook, you only need to do right click on the video, and click on Show Video URL, then copy the video URL.

After the previous step, in order to download Facebook video or YouTube video, you only need to edit the URL of the video, you will have to type “magic” between “you” and “tube” in the case you downloading videos from YouTube.

Download YouTube And Facebook videos

In case you want to download videos from Facebook, you have to do the same step,  type “magic”  between “Face” and “Book” as represented in Image below.

Download YouTube And Facebook videos


The link will redirect you to the downloading page, you can choose choose between the quality and video extensions available for download.  You could even download videos in MP3 format by selecting MP3 extension. then click the download button to download it to your computer without any problems.

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