How to disable Facebook messages Seen By


disable Facebook messages seen by

The most disturbing thing for us on Facebook, is to send messages to friends, and in the moment that you see the word “Seen”, you except immediate responding, but nothing happened. It could be for many reasons, maybe these friend forgot to respond to your messages, or these friend was too busy with works to make response to your messages. don’t blame your friends until you know the real reason.


Especially, if you were one of those who sometimes don’t feel that they are compelled to response to people messages. I think most of the time you will think to find a credible excuse to justify to your friends why you didn’t respond to his message, when the word “Seen by” shows up in the chat box so how to disable Facebook messages seen by from showing up to your friend.

Disable Facebook messages seen by

There are developer which i think they faced the same problem here. invented  two methods to disable Facebook messages seen by from your friend.


The first method it’s so simple, you just need to download “Facebook Unseen” extension to your web browser. after you downloaded these extension. it will automatically activated. Now, if any person send messages for you. Will never see the word Seen by, even if you read his messages. if you want to disable it, just click on “Facebook Unseen” icon on your browser. You can download this extension for Chrome and Mozilla.

The second method. is to use Unseenly application. It’s a Facebook application. It also disables the “seen” feature of the social network. To use these application, you simply need to install it on your account via this Link.


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