How To Clear Google Search History

delete Google search history

When you do a search on Google with your Google profile, your search queries will be recorded in your search history. These Google Search History help google to know your interest, and may help to remember what you have done as research. You may feel the need to erase this history to protect your privacy. If you want to know how to delete it, here’s how to delete google account search history, and how to download your history archive.

Delete google account search history

Log into your Google account

First, you must log into your Google account to go to delete your history. If you are not already logged in, open your favorite browser, and go to log in with your Gmail account.

How To Delete Google Search History

Go to google history page

In your Web browser, go to setting then click on history, or click on this link. In the bottom of the screen, you have history list of pages you visited. With this list, you can see the visits recorded in your history of Google. When you see the sites you want to delete, simply select the pages, and click Delete on the top page.


If you want to delete all your history, you need to click on open menu on the right top of the page. here you can delete page by week or month, and you can also download your archive history.

history menu


to delete Google search history click on Delete Option, you will see popup window, make your choice and delete your history

If you want to download your history archive, click on download searches. to download your Google account search history.


Google will create an archive of your past Google account search history. And when the archive is ready to download from Google Drive, Google will send your archive to your email, so, check your email to download your archive. I advice to avoid downloading your archive in public place. That’s it know you learned how to delete google account search history

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