How To Delete Facebook Posts Without using Scripts

It’s easy to delete a single Facebook post, but it could be hard to delete more than one post. There’re many sites offer the possibility to clear Facebook wall, most of them are scams, they retrieve your personal data and don’t erase anything at all. On this tutorial we’ll see how to delete Facebook posts without script or program.

How To Delete Facebook Posts

You can find all Facebook posts by accessing Facebook activities Log. You’ll find all Published statutes, shared photos and videos. You can find it a worrying thing because Facebook does’t forget anything.

To Access Activities Log, visit your Facebook profile and Click on Show Activities Log under cover picture. If you want to delete Facebook posts manually you could do that by clicking on edit then delete.


To Delete all Facebook posts automatically we’ll use a simple extension on chrome browser called Facebook Post Manager.


It’s a free extension and it’s safe to use. You don’t need to register or give any personnel information. After you downloaded the extension and installed it on Google Chrome Browser, visit your Facebook profile then click on Facebook Post Manager icon.

delete Facebook posts

Before you start deleting your Facebook wall posts, you can filter what you want to delete by choosing the year or month of published posts, and even delete posts that contains specific words you’re looking for.



After you set your setting or not, you can start immediately deleting Facebook posts by clicking on delete button. And the best thing you can even hide and unlike posts or make a Backup for your posts.

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