How To Delete Facebook Unwanted Applications

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Do you ever ask yourself how many applications that were installed on your Facebook account, You will probably be surprised to see the number of this apps and you probably will think do i need to delete Facebook unwanted Applications from my fb profile. On Facebook, most of us receives and accept games and applications requests send by friends, or just you want to try some applications. And most of this applications requests your permission to use your address email and your personnel info, you should be concerned about this. With this tutorial we will show you how to delete Facebook applications installed on your profile.

How to Remove Facebook Unwanted Applications

Once you connected to your Facebook account, Go to your profile account setting by clicking the arrow to the right top of the page, then select “Settings” like this:

remove facebook applications

After that, on the left menu bar click on Apps. You will land over application tab page.


You will find on this page a list of all Facebook applications you have installed over the time, with the ability to Delete and change the permissions of the applications. So, it may be good to remove them if you think they will not serve any time soon.


To see what information used by an application. Click its name and the information will be displayed. You will find the information you provide to this App. To Delete Facebook unwanted applications from your profile, head over the Application title, you will find a small cross used to delete the corresponding application.

Click “Delete” in front of it. A new dialog window appears. Click on remove and the application will permanently removed from your Facebook profile.

fb (2)


You must be more careful when you accept anonymous request applications, some of this applications can get your account hacked, or publish some spam post on your profile status without your permission. Especially, you need to avoid applications that ask you for access token permission to protect your account password. We hope you find this helpful, we will be grateful if you ask our help. See you on other tutorial.

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