How To Delete Chrome Cookies Manually

Cookies are small files created by website you have visited and stored in your browser. They are primarily used to store information such as your account credentials and other sensitive data frequently. cookies are preserved for several days, the server uses it when you return to the URL in order to recognize you. Delete cookies of website means delete the information that websites hold about you and surfing that you just made, On this tutorial, we gonna see a different way to delete chrome cookies  for chosen website using the Inspect Elements.

How To Clear Chrome Cookies From Browser

There are two method to delete chrome cookies :

The first method is simple, You can delete all website cookies or delete specific website cookies by searching the name of website using chrome setting.

Launch chrome then Go 1. Setting -> Show advanced settings -> 2. content setting under Privacy.

Ps : If you want to delete all browser cookies then you have to got to Clear Browsing Data when you can also delete Browser History.

chrome cookies

3. Click All cookies and site data then you simply need to write the website name then select the cookies and clear it.


Delete Cookies Using Inspect Element Of Browser

This Method will make you delete Cookies like a pro, it’s like the advanced method for Geeks. it’s not complicated. To erase cookies Using Inspect Element, simply visit your target website, after that click left mouse button and select “Inspect”.

chrome cookies

And the last step, simply Go to Application where we gonna delete the cookies.

chrome cookies


On the left Side under The Storage, Select Cookies, in the above example we used Twitter website, by selecting the twitter website you will see the cookies information in the right side, to delete the cookies simply clear Clear as shown in the picture.

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