How to Add Twitter Feed Widget For Blogger

Integrating Twitter Box Widget is useful for your blog, in order to be more visible in social network which leads to increase your follower, and keep your blog visitor updated by displaying latest feed from your twitter profile. On this tutorial, we’ill see how to add Twitter Feed on website or on your blog, also you can Integrate twitter button Follow Me to make it easy for new visitor to follow you in twitter just by clicking on follow button.

How to Create Twitter Box Widget For Blogger

To integrate a Twitter feed on your website, we will generate and insert a script with the help of publish.twitter API, there is nothing complicated. Thus, your visitors will check out your tweets directly from your website.

Step 1
Log in to your Twitter account as usual, then In your Account Setting Click On Widgets after that click on Profile.

twitter box widget

You’ll be redirect to ““. You can skip the previous step and click visit the link provided.

twitter box

Now, copy your Twitter profile URL and Past it.

twitter box

You have two display options. First one is to create Twitter Follow me Button. The second one is to create twitter Box Widget for displaying Twitter Feed on your website. You can create and used them both in your blog.

Set Customization Options will allow us to control and modify the Widget look by changing the width and the height to make it feet our blog perfectly.

twitter box

At the bottom you’ll find a previous look of your twitter Feed box which make it easy to customize.

twitter box

After finishing the customization of your box widget, click update then click on Copy Code.

twitter box


The rest is up to you, just go to your Blog and create a widget and Past your code in it. It will work on any platform or Blog CMS. As example in Blogger. Go to Layout and Add new Gadget, it could be text or HTML/Js Code, then past your code then save to make your twitter box visible in your Blog.

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