How to Create Google Plus Group For your business

google plus group

Google offers many useful services for free for Google Plus users, Including the ability to create Google plus Group. Why you need to create google group ? If you have passions, or you are a specialist in any field, and want to share your experience with people on the internet. Google Groups will give you the opportunity to share your knowledge, or your business with other people. You can create your group for free with the “Google groups” tool, as you can easily write articles, photos … and other features that help you do your job.

How To Start Google plus group

Login to your Google account

To create google group you need to login to your Google account with your Gmail address. If you don’t have a Google account, then go and create one for free.

Visit Google Groups page

After you logged in your Google account, Go to Google Apps and click on Groups, or  Visit this link directly :

google groups

After you visits Google Group page. Click on Create Group to create your first Google Group.

google groups

On the next page, complete the short form by adding the name of your group, which will be the email for your Group, you can change your email group address instead of using the name of your group. Write a description for your Google Group, then complete the rest of the form, try to Choose “Public” as an access option for your group to make it visible and then click “Create my Group”.

google groups


Congratulations! Your group has been created, now you can begin to invite Friends to join your group by clicking on Invite people to join the group, and entering the emails address of your friend separated by a semicolon “; “. You can write an invitation message to ask friends to join your Google plus Group, and then click “invite” to send  your message..

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