How to Add Facebook Like Box for blogger blog

Facebook like box is a great Widget for bloggers, which give you the opportunity to promote your personnel blog or your website on social network. Today, Social networks have grown so much on the Internet, even Google consider Twitter and Facebook a major Factor for Search Engine Optimization. So, adding like box in your blog sidebar is an excellent practice to convert your visitors into loyal readers, by simply follow you in one click. We show you how to create Facebook like box for blogger blog easily.

Create Facebook Like Box For Blogger page

Before we begin, you can go to the Facebook plugin page. to create your Facebook like box, then when you get your code you can follow our steps here. Or if you want to make it simple, you can use our iFrame Code, you only need to replace our Facebook page ID with your own page ID.

First, go to Blogger and log in your account, After you complete login, Click the blog title in which you want to add the Facebook Like Box. and enter the main dashboard.

create facebook like box for blogger

Click on layout, then go to your sidebar widget.

create facebook like box for blogger

Now, you need to Add a HTML/JavaScript Gadget to your blogger, which we will use it to copy iframe script code to display our Facebook like box.

create facebook like box for blogger

Last thing to do, is to copy this code and add it on HTML/JavaScript Gadget

Replace my Facebook page ID “1675893282632792” in the URL with your own ID of the page,  Go to your Facebook Page you’ill find the Id in the URL, Your Id should be as sequence of numbers or as username. You can change the width and height of Facebook like box based on your Blogger blog template,and click save the gadget.

create facebook like box for blogger


This is all about create Facebook like box for blogger blog. This great widget is really helpful to increase your follower. And the best is that you will receive free traffic to your Blogger blog. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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