Cancel friend requests On Facebook for Beginner

On Facebook, there’s nothing more annoying than to send a friend requests and keep waiting week after week till they accept your request ship, or probably they may not accept your request at all. As long as the individual does not accept the request, it’s possible to cancel Cancel friend requests by visiting the user profile. You will notice an “Invitation sent” button is displayed where you can easily remove your request. It might be hard to visit all profiles if you sent more than one request. We’ll show you how to cancel friend request on Facebook that are still pending.

How To Cancel Friend Requests On Facebook

In case you remember the profile name of who you sent the request, you can visit profile and simply pass the mouse over “Friend Request Sent” Button, and from the menu that appears, select “Cancel request”. A confirmation will be necessary to cancel the friend request.

Cancel Friend Requests

If you have more than one Friend request then follow this steps :

1. Click the Friend Requests Button. The button is in the right of the Home button.


2. In the top of the menu, click on Friend Requests


3. In the Top Left, click on View Sent invitations, you’ll see all of Facebook pending friend requests.


4. Now you have access to all pending friend requests you sent on Facebook, to cancel friend requests just click on friend request sent button.

Cancel Friend Requests


For each friend request sent is displayed on the page. to cancel all of your pending friend requests you need to Repeat the previous step for all friend requests you want to cancel. You have to Confirm the cancellation to remove the request.

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  1. How do I Cancel All my Sent Requests at once?

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