How To Create instagram widget For Blogger

If you have a business or a personal Blog rely on picture then Instagram will be the wright bet to increase your social media presence, without mentioning that adding Instagram Widget for blogger or other CMS will allow your blog or website to be more interactive and visually attractive, by posting directly preview of your Instagram pictures.

Add Instagram Widget For Blogger

For this, w’ill use lightwidget, a website that generates in one click an HTML code containing Instagram widget to your website or blog blogger BlogSpot. Simply indicate your name on Instagram, or even a hashtag if you prefer. No need to give the account information or anything! The widget will then generate images of the selected name or hashtag. I will explain how to display Instagram photos to Blogger.

First thing to do, go to Blogger Layout Page from the menu on the left of your dashboard:

instagram widget for blogger

And click Add a Gadget: Choose HTML / Javascript in the list of gadgets offered. Now we need to get our HTML code. Visit Lightwidgetinstagram widget for blogger

You have to Login with your Instagram account to give authorization for the website to use your pictures. after that, you must enter your username Instagram on @username column to view your pictures. The site offers to customize the appearance of the widget. You can choose the type of widget, Number of columns and Rows, a hover effect to the photos with the mouse.

instagram widget for blogger


You can get a Preview of your widget just by clicking on Preview Button, after you become satisfied with your widget click on Get Code and Copy your HTML Code of the Widget. Now go back to your HTML/JavaScript gadget and past the code to publish your Widget. Now you Have successfully created Instagram Widget for Blogger. See How To Create Facebook Like Box For Blogger.

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  1. Hey Moss,

    Nice tutorial on adding an Instagram widget. Instagram has millions of users; everyone who has a smartphone has Instagram, so this is a great blog addition.


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