How to Create Hashtag on Facebook

create hashtag on facebook

Integrating hashtag on Facebook represents a huge opportunity for companies, and user to highlight their content on Facebook. These social network have more than one billion users, which make it the most popular social network in the terms of visibility before Twitter, that have more than 500 million users.

What’s Hashtag ?

Hashtags are clickable keywords preceded by a “#”. And it uses to classify  publication and post on Facebook. so, when you include hashtag in your post. It will be more easily to track your post on the social network. And you can also use hashtag to search for similar hashtag on other publication related to the topic described by the hashtag.

How to create hashtag on Facebook

To create hashtag on Facebook publication, you need to write desired keyword preceded by a sharp. You can make a sharp by clicking on Alt

Gr + 3.hashtags

And remember that you can’t use blank space to write a hashtag.

We will see an Example in the picture. When you want to publish post about soccer match, or brand. You can do it like what show in this picture:


You can also use the hashtag on Facebook, to search for related keyword in other publication. When you click on the Hashtag keyword. You will view a page with similar publication, which have the same hashtag on Facebook.





And if you want to do research with Hashtags. You can use the Facebook search box, by typing your desired Hashtag.


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