Top Best Google Features You Should Try Out

Most of people uses Google in daily life, we use it to search for things, checking email and other stuff, but there are some cool Google features you probably didn’t know. On this article we will pass over some Google features that can be useful for you.

Best Useful Google Features

Google Trends 

Google Trends is statistical analysis service based on Google Search. This service provides you a set of tables, graphs and data that will help you to understand the terms used in search queries. It is a practical tool to optimize your SEO. Google Trends examines trends by date and offers a top research in the desired category. Very experienced webmasters use this service to develop subjects with high traffic, and it’s less known by the average user.

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Check Time in different time zones

You can use Google to Check the time in other location in the world. It’s quite simply,you need to write “Time”, then add desired location. It could be country or city, and Google will do the rest.


Check Calendars and sports results

If you have an interesting in sports, then Google will help to you to find all sports schedules. It’s useful trick to find quickly where and when your preferred team will play. You just need to enter the name of the team, league or competition.


Google Alert

Google Alert is tool used to track keywords or perform monitoring work on a line of business, for example. If you want to track certain keyword for your business or something else, you just need to record the keyword you want to follow, when the search engine gets your keyword result, you will receive an email from Google.

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Google Calculator

Did you know that Google can work as calculator ? It’s great trick, if you want to make some calculation on Google, enter your equation and Google will solve it. You will see the results appear in the first search result, and you can edit or make a new calculation with Google virtual calculator.


Google Weather

With Google you can check the Weather condition of your location or any other place, Simply type “Weather” and the city of your choice.

Google will display the Weather condition With forecast for 7 days


Google Fonts

Google fonts is a free service fonts for the web. It allows users to choose a font size or typeface to download And it’s consider good tool for Web developer and designer.


Google converter

If you need to convert units of measure or check how much money worth when it converted to other currency, Google has a solution to help you. Simply enter your data and Google will convert it.



Google Sky is an entertainment service, If you have passion in space and stars, Google Sky will give you the opportunity to explore the sky and stars. It’s ideal for new experience in google.

google sky

Check The age of Celebrity

If you were curious about age of certain celebrities figures, then Google is the best place to find celebrity age, type “age” followed by the name of certain figures.


Play Games on Google

If you are looking for break with Google, Google will offers you to play some games like Pacman. To do this, just type Pacman  in your Google search bar.


Google turns on itself

There are funny trick that make Google page do a flip, it’s so funny. Write ” do a barrel roll ” on Google search bar and see what happen !


Google Drive 

Google Drive is a storage service and online file sharing launched by Google in April 2012. It allows users to store, create documents, edit and view different types of files. You can manage your own files from any computer, smartphone or tablet by downloading the application.



There are very many features.We focused on some google features that could be useful for daily uses. If you use other features and want to discover them feel free to leave a comment. We hope you enjoyed this article.

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  1. I am definitely going to check out Google Sky! That looks very cool.

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      enjoy 🙂

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