Free Tools To Securely Wipe Hard Drive

When you delete files with the old fashion way, it’s not actually erased completely from your hard drive or removable drives, it can be recovered without too much difficulty with dedicated software for data recovery, like Recuva and similar software. To prevent data recovery you need to make a secure delete to your files. There are many software for permanent delete, some are free and other aren’t free. We’ill see best 5 software to Wipe hard drive.

Best 5 Free For Secure Wipe Hard Drive


secure wipe hard drive

Eraser is one of the most well-known software for secure wipe. It’s open source which mean it’s completely free for personal use as professional.  Eraser is modern security tool designed to erase all sensitive data on your hard drive. It’s Easy to use, simply drag the files to the eraser. You can also use the Explorer Shell extension or the integrated scheduler to set the rewriting of unused disk space. Eraser is intended primarily for the users who handle sensitive content.

Ace Locker

wipe hard drive

Ace Locker is a powerful encryption software based on the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) technology. It has a total power of 1024-bit encryption. Ace Locker equipped with a powerful encryption and decryption tool for your documents, also includes a file shredding tool (secure wipe tool), for performing an irreversible removal of your documents.


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