Ninite Installer Best Tool to Install And Update Programs

Ninite is a small tool that lets you download and install your favorite software and utilities that you used to use daily before you reinstalling your system or using new computer that don’t have your preferred apps installed on it. and the best thing it’s so simple to use, all it takes is one click on Ninite Installer.

How to Download Ninite Installer

To begin, you have to visit their Website. When you land on the website main page, first thing you need to do is to select you want to install in one click.


Ninite offer many software in different category, There are web browser software, media software and developer tools and many utilities you need. For a complete list of software, i advice you to visit their website, everything is on the main page. Once you make your selection simply click on “Get Installer”.



This will download The Ninite Installer it has a small size. after you download it, just launch the installer and wait for all selected software to be downloaded. All downloaded Applications will automatically appear on the Desktop and in the Start menu. You can also download and copy installer into USB driver and use it after you reinstall windows or in other Computers.

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