Here Is Best 4 Mobile screen recorder

If you are looking for recording your activity in your android phone such as recording video games to put in your YouTube gaming channel, or recording tutorials in your phone even making some performance tests, then you are in the right place, in this article will show you Best 4 Mobile screen recorder for  android let’s begin.

Best 4 Mobile screen recorder

1. Google Play Games

With the recent update of Google Play Games, you’ll be able to record your phone screen without installing any external software, the output video quality is between 480P and 720P. To use this feature:

mobile-screen-recorder the “Google Play Games” app on your smartphone.

2. Go to your Installed Games.

3. select the game you want to record and press the record button (Red Button).

4. Launch The Game.

2. DU Recorder

bestscreen recorder

DU Recorder imposes strong competition. this app provide quick access to the video recording of the screen without having to leave the app in use. It has a set of advanced features to allow you to decide the quality of the videos produced. 1080P resolution, frame rate, frame rate, sound support, support display, all options are adjustable to suit your needs.

3. AZ Screen Record

top screen recorder

AZ Recorder offers all the basics of video capture. It includes the “Magic Button” function, allowing to control the recording without the interactions being seen in the video. In addition to the screenshot, AZ offers several basic video editing functions. It will give you the pleasure of working in an elegant design  offering all the features for a simple user needs.

4. Mobizen Screen Recorder


Mobizen is one of the few applications to capture video screens which support android 4.4 KitKat as the minimum requirement without  the need to root your phone.  Mobizen allows you to record video games, apps, edit your videos and do many other things.


This our list of best android screen recorder, if you think we missed other application, we would be happy to let us know in the commments.


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