6 Tips To make slow computer faster

make slow computer faster

Computers slows over the years, sometimes dramatically. it can be due to many reasons. So, When you should be concerned and how to make slow computer faster

When the computer take 4 or 5 minutes to start, or when it blocks 3 seconds to go from one software to another. These most common scenario. Some users suffer far worse, a computer may take 15 minutes to start. You should know that there are several reasons why it is slow.

Sometimes, it may be simply that the presence of several unnecessary files on your computer, or the presence of dust on equipment. Makes your machine slower, which is why we must identify the problem to solve it. you can give to your computers a second life, by following our instructions.

How to make slow computer faster

1.Remove undesirable software

The primary cause of computers slowdown is the installation of too many software. Each time you install a new program, you make your computer slows. Conversely, each time you deleted software, you will accelerates the computer speed. Generally, when you remove too many programs, you will notice a marked acceleration. But sometimes the removal of a large software is enough.

2. Cleanup  your computer from virus

You should always check that your computer is safe. And that there are no viruses or malware, that can slow down your PC. Keep your computer protected by installing Antivirus and keep it updated. Make  scan for all your Operating System File every three days or a week. There many good Antivirus to try, like Bitdefender and nod32.

3. Save some memory space

The other common cause of delays is the saturation of memory. A computer needs a little blank space on the hard drive. It is occasionally used to store information. Without this “virtual” memory, it occasionally suffers major slowdowns. Try to free your disk space with CCleaner, and don’t forgot to make fragment to the hard drive every month.

4. Check your Hard Drive Health

A hard disk can lose its reliability over time. Some areas may become difficult to read or even inaccessible. It is important to bring Windows to identify such blocks and don’t use it. ScanDisk  is great tools to find bad sectors, it will attempt to repair or even tell the system to ignore from now.

5. Make sure you have only one Antivirus

We know that the Antivirus is our main weapon against virus and malware, which are the mainly cause of slowing computers. But, some of Antivirus software can make your computer slow. they use some amount of your computer Ram. You should choose an antivirus that don’t use huge amount of Ram. And you should always remember that after installing a new Antivirus software, don’t forget to uninstall the old one.

6. Change your Operation System

If you have a poor Computer System, with less memory and old processor. Installing a new Operation System may cause lags, and slow down your computer. Because, most of the new Operation System require a minimum spec of ram and processor. In this situation you need to upgrade your computer. Or you can keep your old Operation System that’s will keep your computer faster. Or, if you could you can install Linux as Operation System.

The Linux Operation System will make your Computer even faster then the first time of purchase. You need to take some discussion here.


These some advice to make slow computer faster and keep it safe for long time. You need to be more careful about your computer health.

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  1. Brittany says:

    Hard disk issue is a great term to confirm computer speed. A bad hard drive can turn your pc into bullshit. Always check the date in the hard drive cover while buying. Confirm about the RPM and the warranty issue with that drive.

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