How To connect Phone to smart TV

There’re several reasons to connect Android smartphone to TV, like playing games or watching movies that are stored in your phone in a big screen. However, with the big evolution of technology we have seen, Synchronizing phone with smart Tv became so simple and there are various Ways to do it. We explain how in this article

Connect Phone to smart TV with an HDMI cable

To connect Phone to smart TV via the HDMI jack, you will need in addition to an HDMI cable an adapter cable to connect the micro-USB port on your smartphone to the HDMI cable. Almost all smartphone manufacturers offer for sale their cable but you can do it with a cable from any brand. Once you connect the smartphone to the TV via the cable, Go to TV source and select the HDMI port is connected to your Phone, after that, the TV screen will display the current smartphone.

Connect your smartphone to TV with WiFi

You can connect smart phone with TV without using any intermediate cable or adapter, To do this, your phone has to support Screen Mirroring feature, this technology allow users to display phone screen on smart TV using WiFi network. Most of Smart TV today support Screen Mirroring, as the operation is very easy, all you need is to turn WiFi on your phone and go to settings and click on “screen Mirroring” and select the screen you want to broadcast your phone screen it .

Connect Smartphone to tv using Chromecast


Chromecast is an interesting device invented by Google Inc, you can play music, video or any visual content directly on your TV, though data transfer is done via WIFI, you need to connect this device on HDMI port first. To use Chromecast you have to download Chromecast application on your phone form App store for IOS users or Play Store for android users.

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