Top Free Best Screen Recorder For Mac

It’s always convenient to possess a good screen screen recorder. Saving explicitly what happens on your monitor, in an image or video file, can bring a significant advantage in the illustration of your tutorials, presentations or even reports of errors. There’re Many software programs offer you to make screen captures. They’re so numerous that it’s difficult to make a choice. In this article, you will discover Best Free Screen Recorder For Mac.

Top Free Screen Recorder For Mac

Screenshot Plus

 Free Screen Recorder For Mac

Screenshot Plus is useful widget for Mac, it offer the opportunity to take a full screen captures and screenshots with self-timer, viewing captures and especially the ability to save them in JPEG, GIF, BMP or TIFF formats. Screenshot Plus has the merit of offering an all-in-one solution, perfectly integrated with the system, it’is available in English, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French and Dutch.



Movavi is a complete solution that allows you to do several things. Already, inevitably, it allows you to make a video capture of your screen but not only. Thanks to it, you will also be able to make a montage just after making your capture. It is available on Windows and Mac OS.



Jing allows you to record sound with a microphone and video, instantly capture screenshots and  everything that happens on your screen and then share them. This application comes in the form of an icon that you can position where you want on your desktop. Just click on it to make a capture, add annotations to your image and then simply click share.



InstantShot offers several ways to make a screenshot. It offers the possibility of capturing the entire window displayed or specifying the area to be treated using a rectangle. A timer is also available for this purpose. this application offers the possibility to record the captured images in several formats to name only TIFF, PICT or PNG. These file types are supported by most photo editors.

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