Is WordPress Free Themes Worth to be in your Blog



There are many free Wordpress theme out there, that will make you confused to pick theme for your website.You can use Google search or WordPress official Site, And you will find a huge number of free Wfordpress themes.

But, like most things that are too good to be free. Free themes are often accompanied with malicious scripting, and poor structure code. Especially when you pick free Wordpress theme without support. When something is not working, you will be frustrated. And you may pay a lot of money to fix your problem.

Things About free WordPress themes

Most of web developers design free theme, to make money or just for pleasure. There are thousands of themes on the net. And We notice many shops, as ThemeForest. Where they design free themes to attract customers to their site, where they will eventually make purchase for premium WordPress themes.
If you have been looking for free themes on Google, You are no doubt fell on official website. This is the largest collection of free WordPress themes available online.

WordPress software is licensed under the GPL or GPL compatible license. This includes all PHP, HTML, CSS, image, icon and everything else. It’s intended to insure that the software is free for all users. When downloading any WordPress themes. It is important to understand how it is licensed.And how you are allowed to use it.

The Benefits of Free WordPress Themes

There are several benefits to using a free theme:

  • You can download any free themes you want, and using it on your website without buying premium theme. And you will get some money to your wallet.
  • You can switch between free theme everyday. but, when it come to Premium themes. It can be expensive. And if you  purchase a theme, and later decide that you no longer want it. It can be difficult to obtain a refund.
  • Free themes are not accompanied by support. But,There are many resources available, to help you begin your website with a free theme. In case if you want to add other function to your them, you need to have concepts in PHP programming. Codex WordPress is the first stop for this kind of change.
  • When you find yourself alone. And without support with free Wordpress theme. You may find major help by using free plugins from Wordpress website.

overview on free wordpress themesWeak point of WordPress free theme

There are many reasons to download themes without having to pay, however, they have their limitations and disadvantages.

  • IF you are looking for unique WordPress theme for your blog or website business. I think free WordPress themes are not good choice for you. You will find many blogs and website with similar theme, especially if your competitor share the same theme with you.
  • Most of free theme designed by amateurs. With limited knowledge of coding, which can leave your site open to certain security vulnerabilities. In addition, a poorly coded site represents a lot of frustration and limitation.
  • Free themes generally offer limited functionality. The premium themes of the market is a highly competitive place. You will find better design and dozens of customization.
  • Free themes often have no customer support. If you encounter a problem, then you are alone.
  • They have the bad reputation when it comes to protection against malware, or anything else. Since the Google Penguin update, Google has cracked down on sites with spam links, and encrypted links.



We hope that this overview about free WordPress themes has been helpful. After reading this article, be more careful when you pick your first theme,. After your blog or business make some money, you can change to premium theme. It will be much better.


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  1. Joseph O. says:

    Well, it’s OK to have a WordPress free theme if you don’t have the finds to buy a paid one…

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