5 common mistakes hurt blog traffic

Blog Traffic is the fuel of any blog or website. If your blog has few visitors, then it will not be profitable. So why your blog don’t have enough visitors? There may be several reasons and mistake can lead your blog to loose traffic and money. Therefore, in this article, we will see common mistakes hurt blog traffic.

5 Common mistakes hurt blog traffic

Your design is not attractive

Poor design will creates a negative opinion about your blog, The first impression for your blog Will make a big difference, it will determine if your article worth to read or not, because Most of visitors gives attention to design before the content. So, you should always take attention to your blog design, and try to ask your friends what they feel about your blog design when they browse your blog. This will give idea how visitors think about your blog design.

Your content is hard to reads

Text readability is very important for your visitors and SEO, You should always stay away from grammatical errors, and try to make a simple paragraphs to make it more readable. The text size is also essential, the larger fonts are easy to read by visitors, whether on their mobile or computer.

The site is too slow

Nobody likes to wait when we visit a website, people will close immediately your Blog. Time is money and no one likes to wait. You can lose a lot of traffic because of a slow website, even  Google prefers sites with a good web page loading speed. Therefor, you should work to increase your blog speed by optimizing images and choose clean theme for your blog.

Many images and some text

Traffic from Google is the most important factor for your blog SEO. Note that Google reads the text you have on your bog land not the text in the pictures. If your blog contains many images and some text, content will not be visible for Google bot crawler  and your blog will not appear in Google search and your traffic will be almost non-existent.

Poor promotion of social networks

Social networks have enormous power to make traffic to your blog. A blog without loyal visitor and follower is like singer sing with no audience. A good management of social networks will help you to earn frequent visits. A Facebook page and Twitter profile are required to increase traffic to your blog.


Another point that we recommend is to build backlinks and links to your blog. The creation of external links to your site is essential to attract visitors and to show Google that your content is relevant.

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