Best 5 Online Education Platforms MOOC

Online Education Platforms

Online education platforms or MOOC ( Massive Open Online Courses) is the best place to master any subject of any field. These platforms include thousands of courses online, which are accessible worldwide. If you were a student or if you want to learning something, that you didn’t studied on university, then these such of platforms has great value. There are many education platforms, but where to find one that suits you? here’s 5 best online education platforms MOOC to study online.

Top Online Education Platforms MOOC



Coursera is the most powerful platform technically. It has many advantage among other platforms. It covers a large number of subjects in almost all areas of science, introduced by famous universities in the world. The best thing about this platform that it offer for you exercises for each section of course, which will help you to understand the subject. And it’s offer certificate depend on each course.




edX is global platform founded by Harvard and MIT universities. It has more than 50 partners, including renowned universities, and gathered more than 2.5 million users. edX include subjects in different fields, electrical engineering, physics. with certificate of completion.

Khan academy



Khan academy founded by Salman Khan. khan academy brings thousands of lessons with short duration courses, and more simplicity of explanation. It covers art, astronomy, biology, chemistry, economics, finance, history, computers, math, music and physics. And there are Over 10 million users have already been conquered.



Udacity is educational platform founded in February 2012 by Sebastian Thrun, David Stevens and Mike Sokolsky former teachers at Stanford University. Udacity offer high material quality. And it provides free courses, and paid courses also. and the vast majority of courses is oriented on IT field.




Udemy is the platform that offers the most courses in all fields. It’s not attached to any university or private schools. And it allows everyone to present it’s own course. It’s impressive, but many courses can have a high price, and it’s not always easy to know the exact source of courses, and the videos quality.

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