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best blogging sites for starting blog

There are many free blog sites in the web, that gives you a free opportunity to get into the web writing. But, most of the beginner don’t have any idea, about which platform to choose for their blog. You should know that Creating a blog, allows to any blogger to be able to speak freely, and reach different audiences easily. There are Several platforms exist. But, some have become very popular, because of their ease, and their very active communities.

We will do a roundup about the best blog sites on the net, to help you make the right decision. And start your first blog, with the best blog platform for you.

Best Blog Sites for Starting a blog

On this article, we will mention only platforms that allowing interface customization. The customization allow you to have an ability to edit, and control your blog appearance. We will see four platforms : WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and Overblog.


Blogger platform was created by Google itself, it offers a genuine blogging experience to all users, and It’s getting better every year. Different themes are present, and you can always change the interface of your blog, with an integrated template editor. You will find blogger template as xml file.
The widgets on the blogger platform are efficient, and it’s compatible with all Google services, including Google Analytics and Adsense.
The blogger community is very active, and it’s so easy to find topics about blogger platform.

Blogger Tutorial : How to create Blog for free

the best blog sites


With more than 76 million blog, WordPress is the most popular platform for good reason, new features, modern interface, advanced customization and strong security. Themes and widgets are always available, and they are free. But, you need a host plan to benefit from these advantages.
When it comes to the WordPress blog, it’s obviously very limited in functionality, compared to the hosted version. And remember to take a look at the free features, before you start your WordPress blog.

the best blog sites


Tumblr was created in 2007 by David Karp, after six years of his appearance. Tumblr boasts more than 87 million different forums, and has been one of the most popular blogging platforms in the world. Users can post text, images, sound files, and any other type of multimedia with a simple click on the mouse, or by touch on the device that supports the touch screen.
In addition, the use of the site is completely free, and it contains some charts and designs. Tumblr consider the most beautiful and attractive platform than any other platform notation. However, it takes some time to learn how to deal with him.

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the best blog sites


With more then 35 million users. Overblog managed their platform to adapt design, and technology to stay in the race, with other popular platform. With extensive social features, Overblog has undeniable feature, to make your blog visible in the search engine.
In the terms of the customization. the Overblog platform consider to be the least extensible platform, with only 12 free themes. however, these platform include basic functionality for beginner, like responsive design, statistics, etc.
The paid version of the Overblog platform is €4.99/month, with an automated publication on 3 social networks.

the best blog sites


There are many other blog platforms, but we focused on the most used platform. So, which platform you will choose, and what’s the best blogging sites you think ?


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