3 Best Articles types to Increase Blog Traffic

Do you Need more ideas for blog articles? Wondering what articles types and content that will increase Blog traffic. There are some articles types can really unleash your creativity, and allows you to provide more value and content to your ideal reader or client. On this article, I will share only 3 popular articles types for blog. That can help to generate more visitors and encourage your readers to come back to read your future publications.

Best Article Idea To Increase Blog Traffic

Tutorials or How to articles

Undoubtedly one of the types of content that can be found on most blogs, especially in technical fields, where information must be given to the reader detailed and accessible. On tutorial articles you have to explain to people how to do something, by introduce a solution and expand it step by step until the final result.

This type of blog post will generate more visitors, and help them really to find a solution to a problem. If visitor find a solution for his problem on your blog, probably he will return back when he meets a new problem, and share your solutions even earn you some free backlinks.


Lists have become very useful to present relevant content, they have the advantage of presenting the information point by point for a more structured.We find most of blogs have at least more than one post list. lists are often very appreciated for the public that seeks concise information but quality. To present content organized way,  I personally use a lot this type of articles on my blog.

See example on my Article Top Best Google Features you probably didn’t know.

Some bloggers hate this type of article because they think the subject was treated several times on other blogs, it’s not totally wrong but it remains one of the most popular types of articles and generate the most visitors and sharing.

Service and Product Reviews

Writing a review articles will increase blog traffic and even improve your affiliate earning. Write your opinion on a service or product, and share your recommendations will make customers happy, because they rarely have time to test all products by themselves. So they look on product and service reviews and comparison articles to help them making their choice before purchase.

You can have the full advantage of such articles to earn more money with affiliate programs. Write a good review on product or service, and try to gain the trust of the customers to make a purchase using your affiliate link. If earning comes from affiliate, then you should write such article in the near future.


Conclusion : Knowing your audience and their expectations, will generate more traffic for your blog, There are other different articles types, but i focused on the popular one. So, after you look at these types of post. what kind of content do you prefer?

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